Chips / Snacks / Popcorn Packaging Films

By raising life traffic, snacks have become more popular and healthful. An important part of these snacks are vegetables, fruits and cereals, packing such products are very important for manufacturers and brand owners because it should be protecting the health product, taste, essence, color and flavor of products and also it is a great competitive differentiation value in market place. Types of Chips, Snacks, Popcorn, Crackers, Crisp Bread, Salt, etc.  needs different storage conditions. SLZ research & development department analysis the properties of multiple layers such as permeability barrier, tensile strength, printability, film clearness, etc. for providing packaging film solutions. We offer several combinations of preventing the penetration of liquids, air and light through the film layers, and we ensure that these films can retain all their properties during transportation and storage. Hence, your product is preserved with maximum shelf life in unique, high- quality, dedicated and beautiful packaging